43 Nice Ideas For Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

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Modern kitchens may be efficiently kitted out and look seamlessly well designed with nice materials fixtures and finishes – but lack any personality, and thus don’t fulfill their new role as the epicenter of socialising in the home.

Whatever the style – Gothic, Punk, Eclectic, 50’s American retro, Victoriana or Bauhaus – design influences of the recent and more distant past are the ultimate source for inspiration in giving your home and kitchen design that memorable touch, whether you are refitting or accessorising.

I recently visited a successful designer friend’s home recently, who has a very impressive kitchen extension on an equally impressive 19th century house.

It wasn’t the scale and the impressive skylights that gave made the space memorable and individual, but the clever selected touches from the past both classic and quirky; the 1970s ceiling light tracking system, the 1960s influenced furniture, the 1800’s kitchen enamel pots, and the 1980’s wall graphics.

image source: pinterest.com

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Elsie Sudiati

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